St Augustine, Honor Oak Park

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  • Honor Oak Park
  • London SE23 3LE

020 8699 4469

Please look at seasonal message for events in Lent and Easter. 

Tuesday 28th March


Sounds of the Forest

Music & poetry in aid of the Refugee Council

Concert Poster

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Tickets £10

Sunday 2nd April


An Almost April Fool's Day Concert

One Tree Hill Sinfonia

proudly presents a concert in aid of the
Croydon Refugee Day Centre

Mozart           A Musical Joke

Haydn            'Farewell' Symphony

Cage               4'33''

Tango Suite

   1. Danzarín - Julián Plaza arr. Rowlands

   2. A Tango Between - Julian Rowlands

   3. La Yumba - Osvaldo Pugliese arr. Rowlands

Piazzolla        Double concerto for bandoneon and guitar

                        soloists: Julian Rowlands and Adam Khan

Suggested Donation £10

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